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For as long as anyone can remember, one of the greatest mysteries we know concerns how our universe came to be. And by extension, how we came to be. As with everything humans think about, there are mysteries surrounding these questions. Mysteries both real… and imagined.

Deep Currents Vol 1: Energy, Motion, and Change is currently off sale. I am working on a new book inspired by this first work. The new release is expected to be in mid-2019.)


june 2014 cover copy

Vol 1


How did the universe begin? How did life begin? Where does consciousness come from?

These are questions we all ask at one time or another.

This book is the result of many years exploring the works of scientists, researchers and others who have asked these same questions. In it, I attempt to weave together a story tying the deep currents of emergence together as the universe and the world in which we find ourselves unfolds. It is a story of the tiny and the large. It is a story of mystery, violence, and beauty. It is the story of change. It is the story of inexorable and constant change.







Posted November 27, 2012 by Julien

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