I hope this summer finds all of you and your families well. Once again, we face new sets of circumstances and challenges. At times it can be overwhelming.

Advice is cheap. And I don’t have any secret knowledge. But I can suggest…  you hold hands, take a deep breath, stay vigilant… and try to stay at least one step ahead. Above all, enjoy your times together.

As for Derrick and his friends, they are facing challenges of their own. Pele finds herself sinking deeper in a sea of change. And everyone knows she doesn’t like change. Quon comes to the realization that owning his own business comes at a price. Derrick is confronted by the past of his deceased wife. And this brings him face to face with his own.

Along the way, Pele and the others begin to learn that even Derrick has his own demons to face. Everything comes at a cost. Even a pot of honey.

However, everyday crime doesn’t stop for a break. While trying to sort out their own lives, Derrick and Pele find themselves searching for a missing woman with her own secret past.

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