This book is currently being revised and updated, particularly in physics, cosmology, and breakthroughs in neuroscience.

This work is filled with mysteries that until now have been real, not imagined. It takes us from the beginning of the universe to a look at reality.

This will be the 3rd edition. The first was Deep Currents. The second was the Bumpy, Lumpy Road to Humanity.

Now learning is a never-ending journey. The more we learn, the better tools we can build, adding to, and sometimes changing what we know about this universe in which we find ourselves. Learning is a cycle of study, building, learning some more, and going through the cycle again. It is a journey of ideas and theories, eventually confirmed as facts or discarded ideas as we learn to understand, manipulate, and build new things that we once only imagined. As such, many of our ideas will change over time.

When I first began this journey decades ago, many of the fields we will visit weren’t even known to exist. Our universe is an incredibly dynamic place. This universe in which we find ourselves is a complex web of interconnected and interdependent complex systems. And each complex system sends out ripples of change as they adapt to their changing environments.

And we play a part in change. This is especially true in our tiny local neck of the universe.

The payoff for our journey, and what we have created, is a vastly improved quality of life. At least in the short term.

There are also warning signs. Wat has made us great as a species, has also left us open to vulnerabilities. As we continually build things and create new systems, we alter old, established ones without fully understanding the ripple effects of our actions,

In short, while our brains are genuinely wondrous, they are no longer good enough. We will visit some of the reasons why along our journey. And hopefully, gain an understanding of what lies ahead.


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Posted September 27, 2019 by Julien

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