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The 15th installment of the Derrick Dreadlow series will be available in May/June of 2023.

 DD 15 Who What When Why V3 6x9

As the Christmas Holiday approaches, Derrick and Pele each have a case of accidental drowning. Pele is on Oahu, Derrick is on Maui. When Derrick returns to Oahu, they learn the people not only knew each other, but worked at the same company.

The deeper they dig, the more confusing the cases become. As they investigate, more people disappear.

As Derrick and Pele try to untangle their new cases, Sergeant Trang finds himself on the wrong side of the Chief. He tries to learn to play nice with others and distance himself from Laurie Tomlyn after the Chief gives him a ticket to California to interview for a new job.

On the plus side, Detective Soto gets a surprise.


Posted January 11, 2013 by Julien

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