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Posted May 17, 2017 by Julien

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  1. I have just completed book 4 and loved the international/espionage angle to it as well as the mystery of Dread’s past in this area. Beginning book 5. I was sorry to see that Haruku is wrapping her tentacles around Derrick and that he is falling for it. Pele is a much more worthy person than her sister and I believe she cares deeply for Derrick. Please give Pele some consideration as a long term love interest for Derrick.

    Enjoying this series immensely and look forward to reading many more. Thank you for doing such a good job and giving your many fans continued pleasurable reading while we try to solve the cases they are involved in.

    Dottie Sipe

    • Aloha Dotti,
      Thank you for your comment. Back then I had thought about something more between Derrick and Pele as well, but things didn’t quite go that way. For one thing, he is older than she is, and he is her mentor. He didn’t want to head down that road. It may sound strange, but at times I let my characters go where they want to go. Keeps things interesting for me as well.

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